The most common distractions for drivers.

A distraction results in a lack of attention that can cause a way out or a collision with other vehicles. The best way to cope with any mistakes while driving is to minimize any focus that may cause us a distraction.

1.Browser or radio.

The manipulation of the navigator or other electronic devices causes that the view of the highway is lifted even if only for a few seconds. The braking reaction time increases as the reflexes are not placed before a response.

It is recommended that the copilot be responsible for handling these items in case of accompanying or stopping to make the necessary changes off the road. If we do it while driving, in addition to the chances of suffering an accident is also considered a serious penalty.

2.The mobile phone.

The mobiles cause some of the most common and at the same time more dangerous distractions by multiplying by four the probability of an accident. Answering a call or sending instant messages slips our eyes and our hands from the steering wheel, so, it is highly dangerous.

Mobile phones should be used only in emergency situations and in safe locations off the road.

3.The remaining occupants.

The more occupants there are in the vehicle the more likely there are for the driver to be distracted. This risk increases when the occupants are children or pets. Both must travel in the right conditions and stay out of the driver’s field of vision.

4.Personal Concerns.

Personal concerns are also reflected in the way we drive. Although in this case is more complicated to treat, yes we must avoid situations of stress and nervousness before taking the car.

5.Looking at the landscape.

The landscape, the weather or advertising signs also distract our view of the steering wheel. We must keep our sight to the front avoiding the distractions of around or making a stop in case it was possible.

6.Fatigue and sleep.

Tiredness and fatigue at the wheel are important factors influencing the outputs of the track or the invasion of the opposite lane. It is advisable to rest well enough before a trip and avoid copious meals that cause us a sensation of sleep.

To avoid tiredness it is advisable to make all necessary stops, hydrate enough and acclimatize the interior of the vehicle so that we do not affect the temperature.

7.Other factors.

Other human factors in which the driver is responsible is the consumption of alcohol, drugs or driving at a high speed. If we usually drive the same route, overconfidence can lead us to overlook some factors.

Finally we must always carry our vehicle in perfect conditions to adapt it to the state of the roads.

In addition to taking the necessary precautions, the best way to have total peace of mind is to have a car insurance tailored to your needs. Circulate with your car without worries guaranteeing your safety and that of your own with SC INNOVA.

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