What does home insurance cover? 37

Your home is unique and special, so in SC INNOVA you have tailor made insurance, which they adapt to you and yours, including your pet, without having to worry about anything.

Home Guarantee


Fire, explosion and smoke.

Fall of lightning or abnormal currents of electricity supplied.

Acts of vandalism or malicious intent.

Rain, wind, hail or snow.

Water filtration through roofs and terraces.

Shock or impact of land vehicles.

Pipe and flood breakage.

Leaks from contiguous or higher floors.

If you forget to close faucets.

Expenses arising from claims

Location and repair of pipes.

Extinction, salvage of property, debris.

Replenishment of documents.

Recovery of aesthetic harmony.

Theft and Spoliation

Furniture and equipment.

Flaws in the continent.

Valuables, jewelry outside and inside the safe.

If you get robbed outside the house.


Glass and mirrors, toilets, tops and glass ceramic hobs.

Civil liability

Your house itself.

Any member of youe family.

Pets living in the house.

Employers liability.

Environmental responsibility.


Home Assistance.

Online computer support.

Telephone legal assistance.

Telephone medical guidance.

Telephone veterinary guidance.

In SC INNOVA, urgencies have a solution.

You decide the best for your home.

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