The first legal protection insurance that covers practically all the legal conflicts that you can have in each of the modules hired.

Everything we can do for you;

Legal advice at a distance.

Consult us from wherever you are through the phone, email or chat.

Drafting and review of contracts and legal documents without limit.

We will advise you and write the legal documents that you need.

Claim and friendly defense.

We will analyze the facts, we will perform the necessary claim management and we will offer you the most effective way to solve your case.

Claim and judicial defense.

We will make available to you the best lawyers for you represent, without additional cost.

With a simple query many conflicts can be avoided or resolved more easily When it is not possible, we make the arrangements necessary to defend you or claim your interests and those of your family, either in a friendly or judicial manner. We will always look for the best solution and possible agreement: SC INNOVA.


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